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The need for better health care systems.

The goal of a healthcare system is to enhance the health of the population in the most effective manner possible in light of a society’s available resources and competing needs.( Encyclopedia.com). 

Farida  was a frail child from birth, she had always suffered health complications from birth owing to the fact that her mum hadn’t taken the necessary care and drugs essential for expectant mothers or had the proper diet necessary for birthing a healthy child. 

This was no fault of  hers, her rural village had no access to proper health care and hence she had no knowledge of the proper  hygiene and procedures to engage in as an expectant woman, she had gotten advice from the local midwives who mostly gave out herb mixes that were not all healthy and safe . This led to Farida’s health issues, which was taking a toll on the entire family as they were always in a state of worry and fear for her life and granny’s also suffered from a heart disease from years of strenous work.

 If there was a proper health care system available, she would have the opportunity to receive regular check ups, and a full diagnosis to determine her health problems and suggestions on possible ways to combat it, and granny would keep up with her medications.  But the nearest one was in the town and cost a lot both in transportation and treatment charge.

 Their Saving grace have been the volunteers that take rounds through villages running routine checks and advising on better life options, these Volunteers were mostly doctors, nurses, midwives and health advisors who were into humanitarian pursuits and devoted thier lives to helping those with little  to no chances of receiving such care if left to their devices. But it usually took  months before they got to make such rounds throughout a region  and by that  time  the free drugs would have run out and chances of the villagers  getting  the drugs  in town were between slim to none. 

All these could be solved:

 If the government were to focus more resources on providing accessible health care facilities to those who barely have access to such health care options.

If drug prices were subsidized to accommodate those who can’t afford it. 

If installment system of payments could be introduced alongside aids that would help them keep up with payment plans.

Introduction of health insurance to  help their families  have better chances incase of unexpected death and disaster.

 Health Education and awareness should be top priority also, because a nation educated on  better life and health choices stands a higher chance at having overall better lifestyles and living conditions leading to a developed nation with strong citizens. 

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