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The importance of children’s rights

Children have the same human rights as everyone else, but because of their position in society, they are granted special rights. These rights serve as protection for the period of life from birth to adulthood.

Special rights such as the right to life and protection ensure that children are protected from abuse and exploitation.

  • Right to Life: Every child should have the opportunity to grow into an adult without being discriminated against and deprived of decisions about his or her life. Any action that ends the life of a child is punishable.

  • Right to identity and nationality: In the past, many abducted and displaced children did not have a certificate proving that they belonged to a nation.        Recently, however, this situation has been rectified and the issuance of certificates to children has been made a priority to ensure that every child has a sense of belonging. 

  • Right to education: every child has the right to a quality education that educates them in the right way and helps them on the path to responsible adulthood. 

  • Right to health: the right to adequate medical care and safe treatment is one of the most important rights that every child has. Children born in rural areas do not have access to proper medical care, and this right to proper medical care helps them live better.

  • Right to live with parents: children need a stable environment to grow and develop well, so a complete family unit is the best condition for a fulfilling life. 

  • Right to protection: because of their vulnerability, they should be protected from any form of abuse, especially in times of turmoil, their care should come first. 

  • Right to special care: This applies to disabled children and refugees who are victims of war; they need special care tailored to their particular situation.

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