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Substance/Drug Abuse Amongst Ruralists.

It is believed that rates at which substances are abused in rural settlements are higher than its urban counterparts, reasons being that there is  inadequacy of system structure setup that can checkment such habits and dish  out the right punishment for it.  The substance rate use  for these areas  was highest for alcohol as the primary substance, followed by marijuana, stimulants, opiates, and cocaine, one might wonder how they can afford to pay for such costly vices.  To answer that, one has to first understand the promptings that Lead to such an all time high in drug Abuse. 

Factors contributing to substance use in rural Settlements  include:

LACK OF FORMAL EDUCATION : A lack of formal education leaves one ignorant of the effects of these substances in the long run, education tends to enlighten people on what is right and that which is wrong, also allowing then see the dangers of taking any action that will be detrimental to their physical and mental health. Since this first stage of awareness is missing, most people tend to overindulge without knowing the consequences. 

POVERTY: The inability to take care of one’s needs can be frustrating hence the turning to drugs as an escape from reality and comfort for a troubled mind. 

UNEMPLOYMENT:  An Idle mind is said to be the devil’s workshop. When there is no activity engaging the mind and body , alternatives are sought out and some might be as disastrous as turning to substance abuse to pass time and feel euphoric about a rather sad situation. 

LACK OF ACCESS TO MENTAL HEALTHCARE:  Depression and anxiety  related mental problems have no treatment option in rural areas, as there are rarely qualified professionals who can help persons cope with these illnesses. The I solution is to turn to drugs and substances to numb the pain and feelings. 

ISOLATION: The mind is an endless spin of creation, and isolation makes it easier to spiral into creative nonsense such as testing out drug combinations that can affect the body system in a specific way. 

Substance use disorders can result in increased illegal activities  this includes banditry, organized crime,  rape and killings. It has  physical and social health consequences, such as poor academic performance when used to help makes studies easier but the reverse becomes the case. , poorer health status , higher rate of dying young from lung and kidney failure. Changes in brain structure the brain has become saturated with toxins, and finally increased risk of death from overdose and suicide.

 This problem has long been existing and it is of utmost importance that  certain Steps be taken to help get them properly oriented on the effects of drug Abuse and it’s end result on their health. Rehabilitation programs should  be organized in a bid to curb the spread of these substances abuse and help addicts cope with withdrawal. 

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