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School violence a societal menace.

Violence in schools has become somewhat on the rise, a cross sectional study was conducted among about 800 secondary school students (599 in public and 201 in private schools) selected by multistage sampling technique using quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. The mean age for all the respondents was between 14 years, Males make up about 51% of the respondents in both public and private schools. Respondents from public schools assaulted other students and staff with weapons more than their colleagues in private schools (24.7% and 9.7% against 12.9% and 6.5% respectively).

The study goes to show that school violence is indeed something to be combated at the secondary school level, to reduce the risk of these kids growing up and fully assimilating into a life of violence and nefarious activities.

How disciplined the school program is determines how unruly the students may be, though violence in school is not limited to school environment alone, it does play a major role in the level of violence been perpetuated. As a school situated in a rural area, with little or no enlightenment on what is morally right and acceptable by society will have student behaving as they please and harrassing any person they choose to, because the larger the student pool the easier it is to get into scuffles and disagreements as students attending the institution all come from different background and as such they react to situations differently. Bullying is another aspect of this violence, as bigger boys/girls take advantage of the younger ones, forcing them to undertake activities that are risky and detrimental to the victims.

Most of these boys that engage in violent acts lack basic knowledge that it is wrong and punishable to engage in acts that put others in harm’s way, or even if they do know that, they choose to ignore as they disregard authority and selfishly carry out acts that they feel are justified on their own terms, knowing they are likely to get away with it as strict rules haven’t been laid out concerning such practices.

It is of utmost importance that the consequences of these actions brought to the notice of those engaged in it and also as a way to provide hope for the victims that they have rights that shouldn’t be exploited.

Measures such as these should be put in place to curb the spread of school violence.

  • Setting up of lecture systems, that teach these kids how their behaviors would play out in their future.
  • Recommendation of anger management systems to better control themselves and not always lash out.
  • Repeat offenders should be made to face the disciplinary panel and punished according to the set down rules.
  • Students should be advised to report either as witnesses to the crime or as victims without fear of the violence been visited upon them.
  • Good conduct should be rewarded and praised.
  • Security officials should be employed to serve as last measures of protection against unruly and strong headed crime perpetuators.

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