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Relationship between man and technology.

Man and technology have been intertwined since time in memorial, as man evolved so did technology, man and technology grew hand in hand till the present. With the introduction of robotics, technology is said to soon be independent of man.  

 For the first man technology was when he discovered that striking two stones against each order would light fires to keep him warm and safe at night from the wild beasts, it developed into tools of war allowing him convert iron  to Spears and knives for hunting.  

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age throughout man’s evolution journey technology has found a way to be a driving force for consistent growth and development. Technology was a tool tailored for man’s use In times past, solving his problems and finding answers  to his dire needs, this was achieved by  challenging man’s thought process and  testing his adaptability level but subsequently has become a  Mastermind of his own.

Technology now influences man the same way man had influenced it and dare I say in today’s world technology has grown in leaps and bounds that it is now a very determinant part of man’s life.  By becoming so Integrated into man’s daily routine it now determines relationships, level of communication and other factors that constitutes his personal life.

 Technology  has made learning easier and effective through the interactive forums and granting Access to resources to aid their  

 fast assimilation. 


 It has so much evolved in this era that on a daily basis, man has discovered ways to make life better and easier for him, the field of medicine has seen significant progress in health care by way of diagnostic and preventative systems  that has  saved countless lives by helping man predict threats and create ways to combat it. 

Though for every growth there is a corresponding detriment making us question if technology has served solely as  a reliable innovation, or does it have its limitations and downsides.  As  the same helpful technology has seen to the creation of weapons, war tools that one could never have thought possible, world leaders hovering fingers over buttons prepped nukes. 

After due deliberation, the good stands out more and it with good reason, it has helped  present man in more ways  than his losses. 

By building the bridge to learning,  taking it away from the predominant  traditional system of learning  at school  location to online platforms, thereby reducing the world of  extreme illiteracy  percentage and increasing the rate at which the less privileged can get such opportunities.

The relationship between man and technology can be called a symbiotic relationship, where they exist with each other though not always on a healthy level. But reality has proven that they need each other for continued relevance. 

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