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Orphans and under-privileged kids at Complex Primary School Yalla in Togo get educational supplies

On March 30, 2023, Lema Plan International delivered educational supplies to Complex Primary School in Yalla, Togo. We believed that every child, regardless of background, should be given a chance to realize their full potential, so our main goal was to assist those most in need. This is especially important when they are young because a child’s basic education lays a strong foundation for their future and our investment will ultimately produce greater results.

We adore and love them and just want the best for them since they hold the key to the future. They will soon be in charge of maintaining our neighbourhoods. Donate accordingly to ensure their bright future.

Communities will alter and regenerate through these younger ones, resulting in a better future.

We gave out nice packages to 15 (fifteen) orphans and underprivileged kids, including notebooks, khakis, school bags, and more. The director and his team gave us a friendly welcome. The happy and joyful looks on the faces of the parents and children delighted us. The beneficiaries and teachers express gratitude to LPI and bless the donations.

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