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NGOs And Their Societal Roles.

NGOs are non governmental organizations, they include many groups and institutions that are entirely or largely independent of government and that have primarily humanitarian rather than commercial objectives. This means that they are most times non-profit organizations and get funds from private sectors, members.
They often time work to promote social or political change on a wide scale or very locally. NGOs play a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.

NGOs are usually categorized into

  • Operational NGOs, which focus on the design and implementation of developmental projects.
  • Advocacy NGOs, which defend or promote a specific cause and seek to influence public policy. Some NGOs work on both spectrums.
    The roles NGOs play can not be over emphasized, as they have been in operation for a while now and have greatly imparted changes both locally and internationally. They carry a burning desire to raise persons living in dire situations to better conditions, they serve as data bases for certain analytics and they have wide information banks. They cater for emergencies, one such example is the Red Cross which started off as war medics sent out to help injured soldiers but now they are everywhere helping when the need arises. They are trained to offer medical care to casualities of accidents, unrest or civil clashes.

Some NGOs are organized around specific issues, such as: Environment or health issues, some are involved with community development, others Encourage social responsibility , there are NGOs that support Human rights, promote education both in rural areas or Urban championing lots of educational projects, some others focus on the agricultural development of the nation and some Support human welfare and welfare of the poor in the community.

NGOS are not easy to run and manage, garnering support such as funds and man power for most of their projects is a challenge especially for the ones that have no private funding. This means they depend on fundraising schemes like support from members or charities interested in the cause they are passionate about to be able to carry out their desired activities.
The main reason for NGOs creation is to combat most issues that are overlooked by the government that irrevocably affect the people, volunteers come together with desire to make a situations better or to fight for rights that are being trampled on.
In one way or another we are called to support these causes as they are part of the Civic duty of every individual. You could become a volunteer and participate in the activities of the NGO or you could support through your finances as long as Purpose is fulfilled.

Lema Plan International Foundation is one of such NGOs that focuses more on rural eduction and the wellbeing of kids and teenage children, creating enlightenment campaigns, help direct them on the right part to follow, engage them in skill programs to enhance their learning and maximise their potentials. Within the few years of our existence, LPI have organised some programs that encourage proper and quality education, giving out scholarship to outstanding students, helped in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and are motivated to keep doing more with your support.


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