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Life of Impact:

Martha was a happy type, there was no chance she would be caught sad or sitting in one place.

Others her age and even older would have shrunk under the weight of the trauma she experienced as a teenager, but not Martha, who wore her scars proudly to show the world that no matter how life turns out, you can’t give up.

Coming from a place of deprivation and abuse did not deter her, but rather sparked a passion to make life easier for others. She began by helping the elderly in her community and taking care of the children of parents who could not properly care for them.

She could always be seen running an errand or two, and she did all of this out of a sense of selflessness.

Her passion led to the beginning of her volunteer journey, and the small acts of kindness she showed soon became an adopted system of service by others.
Her volunteer work soon took her beyond her community to places where the kind of services she provided was needed.

She soon became a frontline humanitarian, always among the very first volunteers called when a crisis arose.

By sharing her experiences and story with others, she helped those who had suffered trauma to cope effectively and introduced them to the fact that life goes beyond one event or incident.

Martha held that a life that makes a difference is a life well-lived, and that was the fuel for her drive, the driving factor of her lifestyle. Martha was all about impacting lives.

How have you as an individual impacted the lives around you and how have you touched the lives of others with your story?

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