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Lema Plan International visits Gideon Army Christain Academy

It was an overwhelming moment for the school children of Gideon Army Christain Academy Nursery and Primary School in Okohia, Isiala-Mbano LGA, Imo State. On October 8, 2021, Lema Plan International embarked on a program to promote the need for education in rural communities. This is part of the goal of sustainable development. The program was supported by The Success Foundation.

The school was established as an attempt by the founder to provide affordable education in the host community. It consists of a Nursery and Primary School with a population not exceeding seventy-five (75) and staff not exceeding eight (8). A look at the school’s environment and structure reveals whose children attend this school. There is a lack of the most necessities, a total call for the assistance of whatever kind.

The greeting of the visitors was done as courtesy demands, followed by a welcome song by the school children, then short information about “Education as the crucial key to success” was passed on to the school children, in simple English and a little in their mother tongue “Igbo”.

Thereafter, the Director of Lema Plan International Foundation Nigeria, Eberechukwu Akadonye, informed everyone present about Lema Plan International Foundation (LPI).

Our hearts went out to these very young boys and girls who have a bright future ahead of them but struggle with the basic needs of learning and acquiring knowledge.

As part of our efforts to promote the need for early education, we donated the following items to each student: one (1) school bag and exercise books.

Six (6) students participated in a trivia contest.
Three (3) winners emerged and each received a scholarship for one academic year (3 terms), while the other three (3) runners-up each received a term scholarship.

Most of the parents and teachers were very happy and grateful for our visit as they expressed in a short interview. The parents took the opportunity to share with us their concerns and problems that affect them, as most of them are small traders who make a living from the few shares they sell, while some are small farmers who make ends meet by selling the small proceeds from their farms.

For their part, the teachers expressed how difficult the situation is, from the low salaries to the salaries that cannot be paid on time because some parents cannot pay the school fees for their children. This ordeal was one of their biggest challenges.

The owner of the school shared his vision for the school in 5 years and pointed out the current poor and unfavorable environment they use as a school that serves as both a church and a school building. He pointed out that there is a lack of school supplies that are desperately needed to help the children develop in a meaningful way.

He indicated to us that his vision cannot be realized unless he can raise the necessary funds to grow the school and that he is seeking all the help necessary to realize his dream of affordable education for the people in his community.

The visit ended in high spirits with light refreshments for teachers and students and several photoshoots.

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