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Keep them safe

Children are the most vulnerable people in the world, they are the most vulnerable members of society, as their vulnerability makes them targets for the most evil people.

This is especially true for children who are born into the poorest communities and have no idea of their rights to the necessities of life.

These children grow up without proper medical care, suffering from poor nutrition, unclean and unsafe living conditions.

For such children, life is difficult from birth, as living conditions do not allow them to have a pleasant childhood, where education is readily available and getting water does not mean walking for hours to the water source and being attacked by unruly people who rob them of their innocence.

Children born in war zones live with the threat of losing their lives and possessions, which affects their psyche, and even when they are rescued from such areas, it takes a long time for them to recover, as they still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Children’s mental health is usually very fragile, and this means that they easily get deep-rooted scars from the events around them.

For this reason, our NGO is committed to making children’s lives safer and easier.

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