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Inspired to make a difference.

In all the forty-two years Emma spent on earth, one could count on one hand the number of times he had visited his village. He rarely visited the village, but given the frequency with which his parents became ill these days, he had no choice but to intensify his visits to the village.
Soon the visits became a weekly routine, as news that he was a doctor spread through the village like wildfire, and everyone sought him out every weekend to help with one ailment or another.
This new development quickly made him the health advisor of the village, having to take care of all sorts of people’s illnesses himself.

During his last visit, when he had to take care of more than 50 patients, he realized that he could no longer handle everything on his own, and this prompted him to call a meeting with the village leaders to discuss how they could set up a health center in the village that would take care of the needs of all the sick people in the village.
His suggestion was very well received and plans were set in motion to begin the construction phase of a standard health center. Soon after, the building was erected and the small village of Umuaka could boast of having a health center.

Inspired by the eagerness of the villagers to have a sustainable health center, Emmanuel decided to go it alone and provide the center with the basic equipment that was essential for the smooth operation of the health center, including hospital beds for those who needed to stay at the center during treatment and medicine cabinets for the drugs that would be dispensed to the people.

This is how the village of Umuaka came to own its health center, which was built without government support. This unique achievement attracted several volunteer doctors who heard about their enthusiasm and decided to work with them.
This story shows how change comes from the vision of a single man or woman.

It’s like the butterfly effect: although its impact is barely felt at the beginning, in the end, it has made a big difference by pollinating the flowers. Just as the village of Umuaka received a health center through the vision of one man, all great achievements and innovations begin in the mind of one person.

Every person has the potential to bring about change in any situation they find themselves in.
No matter where you are, you can start from there and influence life around you.
All you have to do is get inspired to make a difference in your way.

2 thoughts on “Inspired to make a difference.”

  1. This is uniquely beautiful and I agree to it.
    We all hold the power to change. Each of us. One person’s decision to change can ignite others. So, light that fire with your spark. You’re the change!

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