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Hope for a better life.

It was on days like this that Iya Bashira bemoaned her ill fate, days where there was no food for the children and their water supply ran low. How could life be this cruel by causing her only child to pass away like that? how would she cater to the needs of her two grandchildren who had all their formative years in town but had been forced to move back down to the village to live with her after the loss of their parents?
Had it not been for the fatal accident that claimed the lives of their parents, Hassan and Naomi would not have to leave the life they were born into and move down north to be cared for by their only living relative.
Life had not been easy for Iya Bashira and now with the added responsibility of watching two children at her advanced age, It was going to be a tumultuous journey.

If there was one thing Iya Bashira wished for, it was for a ray of saving grace for her grandchildren, she wanted them to have big dreams and better life opportunities as this life they were doomed to would not be favorable to their future as their opportunities for greatness would be limited to the village setting, where the education system was still unstable with no hope for higher education.

The only way out she could think of was to appeal to the community development team that was recently posted to their village. Her appeal was for a scholarship program for the two kids and some other kids who were in similar circumstances. She knew that if given better opportunities, these children would grow into better citizens and when they had gotten a good start in life, they would return to their roots to develop the community.

Iya Bashira was a visionary and through her consistency, she got the development team to award the scholarship program for kids in the village. Hence fulfilling her dream for the hope of a better life for her grandchildren and the village in general.

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