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Fatiyah lives in the village of Lado with her only surviving relative  aunt Nima, she had lost her family to varying  health complications, her dad had developed a breathing problem after working at the town’s factory for 20years as a result of the fumes he inhaled while working at the production front. This led to a rapid deterioration of his health, which eventually brought about  his demise. 

Her mom  had worked menial and random jobs  for years on end, this work-overload exhausted her body and mind making her prone to illness which she rarely treated, this resulted in her body slowly getting weak and not being able to carry the same workload as before. The stress and accumulated illnesses caught up with her and her body couldn’t survive it, this left  Fatiyah in the care of her aunt. 

Fatiyah’s life is one of the many stories that persons in rural communities suffer through. The inability to properly take care  of their health and the ignorance of the unhealthy conditions they live in constituents a large problem that spikes death ratios.

Malnourished children, particularly those with severe acute malnutrition,have  higher rates of mortality from illness such as diarrhea, pneumonia, and malaria. lack of in the balance of nutrients in children eating habits is responsible for  about 45per cent of deaths in children under-5 years of age.

Recent CDC study finds that children in rural areas with mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders face more community and family challenges than children in urban areas with the same disorders.

These challenges highlight the need for additional attention and resources aimed at improving health. 

Environmental hazards is one of the many reasons for the lack of good health conditions in rural areas, pollution from living in clusters without proper ventilation,  inhaling cooking fumes  and second hand tobacco smoke cause breathing problems that are rarely noticed on time till it reaches critical stages. 

Chemicals in food and other products that are not certified  as healthy can cause heart diseases like the cholesterol in unprocessed oils. 

Rates of mortality in expectant mothers is always higher in rural areas as compared to the urban dwellers, this is because they lack basic knowledge of proper hygiene and nutrition for themselves and the developing child, and are ignorant of the care they should indulge in for a safe childbirth this makes them prone to illnesses and complications that may arise during pregnancy which could be avoided with the right strategies in place. 

Efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address persistent health issues, Increasing life expectancy and reducing some of the common killers associated with child and maternal mortality. 

By providing more efficient funding  for improved health systems and improved pattern of living amongst the rural dwellers there is sure to be a noticeable difference in the mortality rates. 

Provision for on the go health care services will also significantly boost  lifestyle changes for these people, as ill health reduces ability to work and renders those under its clutches unable to provide basic necessities for better living. 

The cause to provide good health for rural dwellers is a worldwide goal, to curb the spread of treatable infectious diseases and proffer healthier  life options. 

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