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From passion to impact:

It’s pretty easy for a person to reach their elastic limit and not be able to stretch their mind and body to do more, but as volunteers and humanitarians, it’s inevitable that we will go beyond our elastic limit to continue the good work we’ve already started.

What drives us, you ask? As a non-governmental organization (NGO), our primary concern is to make life easier and more livable for those who are struggling, especially women and children who are vulnerable and have no one to turn to. Having seen how these people struggle, we can’t help but continue to pursue our goals to improve their lives. The need to put a smile on people’s faces and create a better environment for the less privileged members of society drives our passion.

As an international non-governmental organization, we have witnessed human suffering in its rare form, which has fueled us to not only passionately help, but to ensure that our impact on their lives benefits entire nations.

This year alone, we visited schools in Togo and Nigeria, where we distributed writing materials and backpacks to students who could not afford them. We also gave scholarships to children who otherwise would have dropped out of school because they couldn’t afford the tuition and as well, those who have been outstanding in their educational pursuits. Our work goes beyond putting smiles on people’s faces. Our goal is to build up citizens and give them a better chance to live in other to allow them to make a difference in their society.

Granted, the work is hard, resources are running low, and some people’s stories are so cruel that we have to take time off to recover from the overwhelming, but that doesn’t stop us from doing our work, nor does it stop us from helping within our means. We learn from every setback we suffer and work to ensure that our work does not conflict with our values.

The lives we have touched so far are only a percentage of what we hope to achieve in the long run, and with the support of our donors and sponsors, we are sure to reach even more people and realize our goal of a much better nation with fewer children suffering and more families living beyond the poverty line.

At LEMA PLAN INTERNATIONAL, we are passionate about impact.

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