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Education for All

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. ( Nelson Mandela)

This quote right here explains just how important education is and the role it plays in giving power to those who in ignorance would have been away from the light of knowledge.

In most third-world countries, not everyone is privileged to get a good education. However, some have been able to cross from ignorance to knowledge through the help of humanitarians who tackled odds and took the initiative to create school models that would help them solve the problem of lack of education among rural people.

some of these persons have sacrificed comfort, time, and resources to make sure they bridge the gap of education but it is still a far cry from the dream.

@Lema Plan International, we have sacrificed resources and time to make sure we keep children off the street and in classrooms.

That is why for every struggling school we visit, we award scholarships to students who have been exceptional and were on the verge of dropping out.

School is a foundation for exerting change and reformation which is why we work hard to keep sending kids off the road and into the classroom.

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