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Easter’s joy

Sharon was the eldest kid in the house, and she was in charge of setting up the house according to the routines that governed it,  and keeping the younger ones under supervision when ever the Matrons were out. She always had a smile on despite her situation she saw the world in a positive light and was willing to show the younger kids how to do the same.

This Easter she wanted to make it memorable for the kids, even with the little they had; she was determined to teach the children the joy that came from  giving and of spreading love within the community

That morning she got the kids set up in groups, some would be in charge of decorating the house other were on kitchen duty.  She planned on making snacks  that would be distributed in church as a way of celebrating the festive season. 

While the dough was mixed and kneaded, she serenaded the kids with Easter songs she had learned at the local church, and through the songs she explained the Easter miracle and the love that prompted such sacrifice. She taught them the importance of sacrificing for the greater good and loving each person they encountered with an open mind and without expecting anything in return as this was the definition of true love. 

When the cake loaves were ready and the cookies had set, she had the kids cut out beautiful wrapping paper to package and they also  wrote love notes with Easter messages for each pack Making it more personalized. 

On Easter Sunday she dressed them up in beautiful dresses, and handed the baskets  out as they marched to church,  The  sermon was about the significance of Easter and the hope it brought with it, a promise of a better life for all who believed. The songs  rendered by the choir were melodious and soul lifting and everyone wore a bright smile. 

 After service she set up the stand at the church entrance and made the children line up to hand out the packages to church members who in turn gave the  kids money tokens.

They returned to the orphanage to meet a  surprise of their own as a group of volunteers had prepared food trays  of assorted food and drinks as well as other gifts for the children. 

The Easter was quite a memorable one, and one which had left a message in the hearts of all that one good turn creates a ripple effect. 

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