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Did you know that people with Dyslexia struggle with accuracy and fluency because their brains learn differently?

Research suggests that wider letter spacing in words is believed to help people with dyslexia read faster and better.

Having dyslexia doesn’t mean the person suffers from a lack of knowledge or an inability to learn, but rather it just takes more time to learn for such a person. These persons are normal and can live full lives the only issue they have is motor skills deficiency.

But before we jump into ways you can help people living with dyslexia you need to understand what it is not and common misconceptions about it

Dyslexia is not caused by

  1. Lack of motivation
  2. Bad Eyesight
  3. laziness
  4. Seeing letters backward
  5. A lack of intelligence.

Now onto the basic way you can help them live with their disadvantage either as a teacher or a caregiver:

  1. To help them with memorization,
    Use songs to aid learning, let them keep in motion as they learn new words it helps them retain them. Repetition is key with them so you have to take it slow and keep it simple.
  2. To help them stop skipping words in a sentence you should:
  • Use a pointer across each line of statement this will slow them down enough and allow them to read each word.

3. To help them overcome the overwhelming feeling that comes with the difficulty of their situation:

  • Teach them to focus on one word/sentence at a time.
  • Use fewer words and larger fonts,
  • Encourage them to take breaks after hitting a block.

The best way you can help them is by being patient with their process and creating a serene environment where they can learn at their pace.

Don’t shut them down as Dullard’s, they are just differently-abled.

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