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Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Every year, March 8 marks international women’s day, a day to celebrate women and their achievements, in like manner raise awareness for gender equality. This year’s theme of  international women’s day is #choosetochallenge, #IWD 2021. 

It is really a good age to be a woman, women are proving to be capable in various fields from politics in the example of KAMALA HARRIS, creating business and social impact, showing competence and excellence in all their works. 

 Women have always been exceptional especially career women and passionate women who have made their marks and created systems that have engraved their names in the stones of time. These women have gone on to become role models, World changers and  hope for growing and aspiring females. They have broken records and breached standards that women have not commonly conquered and through their tireless drive they have paved the way for up and coming generations to build on.  

Women deserve an equal future free from stereotypes, violence and mediocrity. With equal rights and opportunities for all, that is why a woman is needed at every table where decisions are being made. Women’s participation in different works of life drives massive growth and has shown it’s increased rate  in economic development of a nation. Highly successful women have positively affected others with value, and serve as inspiration to everyone. 

A wonderful  example is;

Ngozi Okonji Iweala is a woman of impact, for every position she has held, she’s been known to handle it in ways that would impact,  a very good example would be how she helped Nigeria come out of the 30 billion debt from Paris club in 2005, when she was finance minister. She has been diligent in the pursuit of her dreams through the years, believing in herself and her ability to do the job effectively, building credibility and intentional relationships. Her sister  Njide Okonjo-Udochi also made a name for herself as the first black female to emerge ‘ Physician of the year’ in the USA, breaking new records.

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