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Effects of COVID-19 on schools

According to UNICEF there are 168 empty desks. 168 unused backpacks. 168 million futures hanging in the balance.

This pandemic classroom installation at the United Nations in New York is a powerful reminder of the global education crisis. The desks and backpacks represent the 168 million children whose schools have been completely closed for nearly a year due to COVID-19. Our message to world leaders is clear: no effort should be spared to reopen schools.

The future of our Children is in our hands, let’s join all leaders around the world to ensure children get the education they deserve.

And mostly let’s remember vulnerable children who are denied the right to education due to economic reasons. We can change their future for the better through your donation. Sponsor a Child today. It’s never too late to be kind, Start Now https://lemaplaninternational.org/donate-now/

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