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Together we can change the world. 

Our Projects

Some of the projects we have carried out so far, we intend to achieve all the goals we have set ourselves as an organization.


We have established a permanent scholarship program for the children, which encourages them not to give up on their dreams of a successful future. We have donated school uniforms, books, writing materials, math sets, and even career counseling, etc.


We distributed food to orphanages and women in the communities to help fight hunger, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, as many households have been struggling because of the closure order and the exorbitant rise in commodity prices in the market as a result of the economic meltdown.


We have also helped provide basic prevention materials such as face masks during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, distributing face masks to students to help them protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus.

small efforts make big change

no one has ever become poor by giving

what we want

Great Learning Environment

Vocational trainings

Scholarship Programs

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