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Our Projects

Some of the projects we have carried out so far as we intend to achieve all the goals we have set ourselves as an organization.


We have established a permanent scholarship program for the children, which encourages them not to give up on their dreams of a successful future. We have donated school uniforms, books, writing materials, math sets, and even career counseling, etc.


We distributed food to orphanages and women in the communities to help fight hunger, especially during this coronavirus pandemic, as many households have been struggling because of the closure order and the exorbitant rise in commodity prices in the market as a result of the economic meltdown.


We have also helped provide basic prevention materials such as face masks during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, distributing face masks to students to help them protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus.

Recent activities


As part of its program to help the education of children and the poor, the NGO LPI (Lema Plan International) donated two hand-washers, food and clothing on Thursday, April 22, 2021 to the INSTITUT PRIMAIRE PUBLIQUE L’ENVOL TOKOIN SOLIDARITÉ, a school that deals with the rehabilitation of mentally disabled children in Togo.

Thanks to this donation, these often marginalized students will be able to wash their hands with soap and water, and eat their fill.

The school director Mr. YEBOA on behalf of all the staff thanked the NGO LPI which contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of children in Togo.

Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbeke in Isiala Mbano, Imo State. 

Lema Plan International Foundation on the 3rd of December 2020, conducted an educational outreach which took place at Comprehensive Secondary School, Mbeke in Isiala Mbano, Imo State. 

The theme of the program was “End School Violence; Be an Outstanding Student.”

It is no longer news that violence have done alot of harm to the academic activities in these schools.

Some of these violent behaviors/activities includes:




*Sexual Molestation

* Drink of Alcohol and hard drugs


*Bullying, etc

 LPI took the initiative to educate the students of the dangers in carrying out such illicit activities and key ways to avoid such activities.

The Second part of the lecture was on how students can be outstanding in their academic pursuit. Education is an essential tool in beating poverty as it helps to direct and enhance development for every individual. The students were taught on how to be more than just a student, as the were enlightened on how they can make better choices in choosing their career part. These part of the lecture featured an amazing writer Goodness Mbaogu who wrote a book on “More Than Just A Student.” As free copies of the book was given out to some outstanding students and copies were also donated to the school library in other for students to have access to it.

public elementary school AGBALEPEDOGAN I.

New wash-hand basin for the school children of the EEP AGBALEPEDOGAN.

Dirty hands are one of the main routes of infection.

Many Togolese schools do not have the basic infrastructure for good hygiene for school children in this health crisis linked to covid 19.

As part of its program to support the education of children and disadvantaged people, Lema Plan International donated 5 hand washing machines on Friday, November 20, 2020 to the public elementary school AGBALEPEDOGAN I.

Thanks to this donation, the 1267 students will be able to wash their hands with soap and water to comply with basic hygiene measures and barrier against Covid-19.

The school principal, on behalf of all the teaching staff, warmly thanks to Lema Plan International which contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of schoolchildren in Africa and particularly in Togo. 

ONG REMAR orphanage Lome, Togo

August 30, 2020… The orphanage of the NGO REMAR located in Zanguéra Lomé has benefited from the goodwill of Lema Plan International, which has provided it with school materials in the run up to the reopening of schools after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown , in order to reduce the spread of the virus and protect children’s lives. At the beginning of each school year, it is always difficult for parents to manage their children’s affairs. We were able to help these orphans return to school and make their lives more enjoyable.
Lema Plan International, in partnership with REMAR Sis in Zanguèra, will continue to provide school supplies to orphaned children who will start school in mid-September. Our goal is to improve the lives of vulnerable children through quality education.
Our differences apart, for a better world.

CEG ATTIKPA secondary school, LOME , togo.

In order to strengthen the protection of students against contact and the spread of the covid19 pandemic, the Lema Plan International which works for the proper schooling of children in Nigeria and Togo has sensitized children and donated 585 washable face masks to the CEG ATTIKPA high school on Friday, June 19, 2020 in Togo. The deadly virus that has ravaged the world, paralyzing schools and economic operations worldwide. The LPI must contribute to the protection of as many children as possible. The students and teachers of the school sent a vote of thanks to Lema Plan International.

umudiopara community, Ehime-Mbano LGA, imo state, nigeria

On May 2, 2020, the International Lema Plan International Foundation in Nigeria decided to give a quota to the women of Umudiopora and the Holy Church Umunakanu Owerri to help fight hunger and encourage the ‘seat at home’ order. The effect of the Coronavirus has affected many families as travel and activities have been reduced, jobs have been badly affected as families struggled to feed themselves. Many African households depend on daily income to survive and with the restrictions in place, it has become so difficult for many.

SPES orphanage in Hédzranawoe

December 28, 2019, at the SPES orphanage in Hédzranawoe, Togo as part of our goals to help reduce the effect of hunger, Lema Plan International visited the home of the orphanage where we provided support with food and food donations to the orphans and encouraged the authorities on the good work they are doing to care for these children.

CEG ATTIKPA secondary school, LOME , togo.

On October 23, 2019, the CEG Attikpa Lomé, Togo, was visited by Lema Plan International, again to mark the International Day of the Girl Child. Sanitary kits were distributed to 185 girls who learned how to take care of their hygiene, which is a typical way to give them self-confidence. The girls were brought to understand that a confident woman can accomplish great things. LPI takes the girl child seriously as we strive to encourage more girls to pursue careers and be innovative.

mercy girls high secondary school, nigeria

To mark the Day of the International Girl Child on October 18, 2019 at Mercy Girls High School, Lema Plan International has taken the initiative to celebrate the girl child on the theme of “protecting the girl child for development” to encourage girls on the need for education, the need to choose a career and to make them understand their importance in society. In Africa, girls are often neglected when they go to school because many of them are married at a very early age, unlike their male counterparts. The LPI aims to bridge this gap between male and female children.
Free health kits were distributed to more than 220 female students in the presence of school authorities who were impressed by this beautiful gesture.

future stars academy Imo State.

This was a big event in a local community called Umudiopara, Imo State, Nigeria, as the children of the Future Stars Academy felt and enjoyed Lema Plan International’s mission to boost education in Africa. This event took place on January 11, 2019. School uniforms, books and bags were distributed to more than 250 children and the two best university students were offered scholarships. Parents’ faces were filled with smiles and teachers thanked LPI for the good deed done for their students.

Novelle génération Avepozo, Togo.

Lema Plan International visited Novelle génération Avepozo in Togo on October 26, 2018 to share school materials with these charming children.
To mark the foundation’s pioneering event, LPI offered a full annual scholarship to five students.
It is sad to see children learning in such a poor environment and without school materials. As a result, the children seem to have lost all interest in school, as many of them do not even have writing materials or cannot even pay the school fees.
Lema Plan International has taken the initiative to help the children return to school.

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