Zita Anah


What is community development:Community development is defined as the coming together of inhabitants of a community in a common geographical territory, to solve pressing issues that have been detering growth and standing against the community’s advancement. These developmental programs are usually sponsored by external agencies whose main aim is to help underdeveloped communities find footing …


Reality of Internally Displaced Persons.

In 2014  a survey was carried out to gather statistical data on IDPs  and the results came back stating how 38.2 million people were internally displaced worldwide and that Nigeria accounted for 1.2 million Persons within the gathered statistics.  Internally displaced persons are victims of either violence and conflict that arose within their geographical location …

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Skills development, the future path to poverty reduction.

In the past, our ancestors exchanged goods for other goods; most of the time, services were exchanged for goods. And while times have changed, it is increasingly common for services to be exchanged for goods or monetary value.

Take this example: Mr. Dabo makes stools for homes, making them creatively, taking his time to give each piece a unique touch. Mama Zafar is an expert in cooking and is the city’s go-to person for meals at large events, as her skills are unmatched and her meals always leave an impression.

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