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Lema Plan International is a Suisse association that was founded and registered in the canton of Neuchatel. Lema Plan International has been working tirelessly since 2017 to ensure that children and women in developing countries have access to quality education.

Through quality charity services, we do develop their skills and talent for a better tomorrow. We believe that education has the potential to bridge the rich-poor divide in developing countries.

Our primary goal is to provide children with the numeracy, literacy, and other skills necessary for them to realise their full potential and for their countries to generate jobs, innovation, and economic growth.

Education is essential to a child’s development. i hope that as an ambassador i can encourage people to join UNICEF’s mission to make education a reality for children throughout the world.

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U.S. Fund for UNICEF National Ambassador

Irene Lema

Irene Lema

Executive Director

6 Years in Action

In Switzerland, Lema Plan International assists migrants and asylum seekers. We primarily serve children and women, enabling them to better integrate into Swiss communities and rise above poverty.

LPI has been working with local partners in Nigeria, Togo, and Tanzania for over four years to improve and nourish the lives of children and women through education.

We believe that the most effective way to alleviate poverty in developing countries is through education. Thanks to our various programmes that enable and allow less privileged children and teen mothers to complete their education without dropping out. We sponsor hundreds of underprivileged children in rural areas through our scholarship programme and follow up with them until they graduate from secondary school.

Our Mission

To empower and improve the lives of deprived children and women in developing countries by providing high-quality education.

Our values

It is our duty to be fully transparent towards the children, our donors and supporters. You can always reach out to track your donations.

Our Plan

All donations will go toward three major issues: education, food, and health. Our project works with African children who are in or should be in school, and we’ve had great success.


encourage child education

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creating the right enivronment


give hope to the hopeless


Encourage self-development

small efforts make big change

no one has ever become poor by giving

some Volunteers in africa.

This group of people has selflessly dedicated their time, strength, and energy to improving the lives of African children in order to achieve the goals of Lema Plan International.

Nigerian Volunteers


Our setup In Switzerland


Togo volunteers


Tanzanian Volunteers


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